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3/4 yr old & 5/6yr old combos

All combos three and up will include ballet, tap, and tumbling every other week.  These classes will be geared toward learning the basic movements of dance, enhancing coordination, and developing musical rhythm.  Each combo class will perform one tap dance and one ballet dance in the recital.


This class is perfect for that little dancer who wants to learn the basic fundamentals of ballet while getting to also learn jazz leaps, turns and choreography!

Technique I/Jazz

This class is perfect for those who love to dance and want to learn exciting jazz combinations, cool jazz moves, and awesome jazz style! This class will also combine across the floor technique, center floor technique, and stretching. There is also a special emphasis on jazz movements, coordination, and counting music! This is a great class that combines two in one! This class will perform in the recital!

Technique II, III, & IV/ V Jazz

This is an advanced technique class designed to focus on upper level across the floor and center floor: leaps, turns, tricks, kicks, strength and flexibility.  It will focus on how to execute the basic and newest tricks correctly while putting a special emphasis on the technique behind each movement.  This class will help challenge and advance each dancer to a higher performance level in a very short amount of time! This class will perform in the recital and is by teacher placement only!

Hip-Hop 3-6yr olds,  I, II & III

All Hip-Hop classes are high energy and upbeat classes that teach the basic movements, styles, and rhythms for the coolest Hip-Hop moves!  From pop stars to music videos, Hip-Hop is everywhere you look and a style of dance that every child is sure to love!  This class will perform in the recital! (All Dance material is Rated PG)

Advanced Hip-Hop III

This class expands upon basic hip hop principles and expands to encompass a wide variety of hip hop styles. As a class, we will explore the differences from smooth R&B style all the way from jerking or even J-setting! Students will learn how to add more syncopated layers to their movement, vocabulary and develop a better understanding of body isolations. This class is by teacher placement only!

Contemporary I, II, & III

This class is designed to teach a style of theatrical dance that rejects the limitations of classical ballet and favors movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling.  It teaches the body how to move in a more relaxed state of mind while flowing through the movements and feeling the music!   This class was previously called Modern/Lyrical.

Advanced Contemporary

This class continues to dive into the many facets of modern and contemporary dance for the more advanced dancer. Students are expected to use their ballet knowledge to break through the common restrictions of ballet to create new lines and forms of movement while demonstrating proper technique. Horton technique will be taught to strengthen and stretch their bodies as well as many modern fundamentals such as: contract and release, weight suspension, movement initiation, floor work, and turns off-center.  This class is by teacher placement only!

Ballet IA & 1B

Students will continue to learn basic ballet vocabulary, technique  and class structure.  There will be continued emphasis on correct posture, positioning and basic steps.  Students will focus on developing ballet technique and reinforce their physical strength.  Individual expression through dance is encouraged at this level.

Ballet IIA

Students continue to learn ballet technique and vocabulary while they develop strength, flexibility and musicality.  More complex step combinations at the bar and in the center are introduced at this level. Individual expression through dance is encouraged at this level.


Pre- Apprentice is a program designed for dancers approximately 5 yrs  and up who have decided to make Ballet a real priority, and have great potential to move up within the company. If you audition and are accepted into the Pre- Apprentice program you are required to take 1 ballet class during the week, as well as the Pre-Apprentice class on Mondays from 5:45-6:45pm. This is a company class and auditions are required.

Ballet IIB/Jr. Apprentice

Jr. Apprentice is a program designed for dancers approximately 9yrs and up who have decided to make Ballet a real priority, and have great potential to move up within the company. The Jr. Apprentice level is for most the year that pre/beg. pointe work will begin, which is a very exciting point in a dancer’s life! If you audition and are accepted into the Jr. Apprentice program you are required to take 2 ballet classes during the week, as well as a pre/beg. pointe class. This is a company class and auditions are required.

Jr. Company level

Students will strengthen their ballet technique while learning the art of performance. Combinations continue to increase in difficulty and variations are introduced at this level. Emphasis is on enjoyment of dance within the respect and discipline of classical ballet training. You are required to take a pointe class to be in this level. This is a company class that meets 3 days a week  and auditions are required.

Sr. Company level

Students will continue to strengthen their ballet technique, flexibility and performance.  Students will take on more demanding steps and complex sequences of movement eventually mastering advanced technical skill, articulation, musicality and expression. This is a company class that meets 3 days a week and auditions are required.

Pre-Professional Ballet level

This class is for those dancers whose 100% focus is to be a professional dancer and this class is by audition only!

Beginner/ Intermediate Pointe Class

Students will continue to  learn exercises necessary to strengthen and prepare the body to handle the physical demands and responsibilities of pointe work. Students must have several years of proper ballet training and will be notified by the ballet instructor when ready to start pointe. Students must be enrolled in Ballet IIA or higher. Students will also learn how to fit and sew their pointe shoes. Teacher placement is required.

Prodigy Pieces

See Prodigy Company info

Dance Competition Teams

These teams are perfect for those dancers who want to be a member of a fun team and compete at local competitions. The sign-up teams are less demanding on your time and your pocketbook!  This is a great opportunity for your dancer to make friends, improve as a dancer, and develop self-esteem! Dance Team will learn three dances and compete at two competitions in the DFW area!  The last day to register for the Sign-up teams is August 25, 2017!

Acrobatics/Tumbling IA, IB & II

This class will be a combination of learning both basic tumbling and as well as fun Cirque du Soleil style acrobatic tricks!  This class will be taught by a gymnastics instructor and all tumbling will be kept at a beginner-intermediate level to ensure the safety of the students!

Progressive Ballet

PBT is a revolutionary program to enhance ballet technique. The program will increase muscle memory, improve flexibility, strengthen technique, and provide longevity in dance. To learn more about PBT visit

Broadway Bound

This is an exciting new class for those students who love Musical Theater and Broadway! You will learn dance choreography from Broadway hit shows such as: Chicago, Annie, Newsies, etc… This is a high energy class for those dancers who aspire to be a star and maybe some day perform on the Broadway Stage!


Tap is a style of dance involving rhythms, dynamics, and varying sounds. One of the most iconic forms of dancing, tap uses metal on the bottom of shoes to create noise that complements and/or matches the music it’s coupled with. Tapping is a valuable style for dancers of any age, size, or skill.

Jazz Funk Classes

Jazz Funk is the newest craze in the dance world and is taking the West Coast by storm! It is a combo/choreography class incorporating different styles of jazz, funk and commercial style dance. It is fast paced, upbeat and the perfect class for the dancer who loves both Jazz and Hip- Hop!