Prodigy Audition Info Sheet Prodigy Audition Form 

Auditions for the 2019-2020 season are being held Saturday May 18th 2018. 
Read through literature on this page for an overview of what is required to be a Royalty prodigy team member.

Royalty Dance Academy’s Prodigy Company is a highly competitive elite competition group that will offer an exciting opportunity to its members. They will improve their dance technique, learn to work hard as a team and have the opportunity to perform in a competitive environment. They will make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime! It is an honor and a privilege to be a member of such an elite group! However, being a Prodigy member also requires sacrifices in time and money on the part of the dancer and their families. Before joining a prodigy piece, please be sure that both you and your daughter/son want to and are able to make the sacrifices that are necessary!

Mini (5-7yr olds)

Mini Jazz
Mini Contemporary
Mini/Petite Ballet Mini/Petite Tap

Petite (8-10yr olds)

Petite Jazz
Petite Contemporary
Petite Jazz/Petite Contemporary

Junior (11-12yr olds)

Junior Jazz
Junior Contemporary
Junior/Teen Ballet
Junior/Teen Tap

Teen (13yr & up)

Junior/Teen Ballet
Junior/Teen Tap
Teen Jazz
Teen Contemporary

Production (all ages)

Hip-Hop (8yr olds & up)

Elite Prodigy Team

Competition Fee Deposit

The Prodigy Pieces will be staged and choreographed to accommodate all members who make that Prodigy Piece. If a member drops out, this affects the other dancers and the staging of a number.  Therefore, all Prodigy Piece members must submit a $60.00 nonrefundable deposit for the season (one per dancer) and this will be due by Thursday, June 1 2018 to ensure your dancer’s spot in the Prodigy Piece.  The deposit will be forfeited if the dancer quits the Prodigy Piece for any reason and the fee cannot be credited to an account or used towards any other fees.The deposit fee replaces the registration tuition fee and is non-refundable!


All Prodigy Pieces will be taught during the Mandatory Choreography Camp which is set for:
August 16-19, 2018!
(Times will be announced at a later date)  

The choreographers cost per Prodigy Piece will be divided up among the number of dancers in that piece and will be due at the time of learning the choreography.  

Choreography camp attendance is mandatory to be in the Prodigy Competition Company. No exceptions will be made! A Prodigy Piece member will be immediately dismissed from the Prodigy Piece  if they divulge any information or teach any Prodigy Piece  routines outside of our studio.  No Prodigy Piece routines can be performed outside the studio for any reason, unless given permission first by the director of the Prodigy Piece.

Conflict of Interest Clause
No dancer participating in a competition team/group/solo at any other studio or dance academy shall be allowed to register for classes at Royalty Dance Academy.  Because Royalty Dance Academy has many Dance Team and Elite Prodigy Piece members, soloists and ensembles, it is considered a conflict of interest for our instructors to train and prepare other dance studios and academy’s students for competition against our own dancers.

Attitude is everything!!!!  A bad attitude or disrespect to anyone will not be tolerated.  A parent and student meeting will be held before any other punishment.  Every Prodigy Piece  member is considered a role model at Royalty Dance Academy and should act like one in and outside of the studio!

Good sportsmanship is expected at all times. All Prodigy Piece members and their parents must be supportive of the program and its members.  Derogatory  remarks, gossiping or acts of unkindness to other Prodigy Piece  members, parents, the director, or other teams will not be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal from the Prodigy Piece. If you have a problem with something or somebody, do not discuss it with other moms or team members; bring it to the director first.

Team unity, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship must be encouraged at all times!!!

Required Classes
Each Prodigy Piece will require additional classes to be taken on top of the assigned Prodigy Piece time slot, depending on the style of the Prodigy Piece you make:
Mini Jazz- 1 Ballet classes & Mini/Petite Tech class
Mini Contemporary- 1 Ballet classes, Mini/Petite Tech class & 1 Contemporary class
Mini/Petite Ballet- 2 Ballet classes
Mini/Petite Tap- Mini/Petite Tech class & 1 Tap class
Petite Jazz- 2 Ballet classes & Mini/Petite Tech class
Petite Contemporary- 2 Ballet classes, Mini/Petite Tech class & 1 Contemporary class
Junior Jazz- 2 Ballet classes & Jr/Teen Tech class
Junior Contemporary- 2 Ballet classes, Jr/Teen Tech class & 1 Contemporary class
Jr/Teen Ballet- 3 Ballet classes
Jr/Teen Tap- Jr/Teen Tech class & 1 Tap class
Teen Jazz- 3 Ballet classes & Jr/Teen Tech class
Teen Contemporary- 3 Ballet classes, Jr/Teen Tech class & 1 Contemporary class
Production- 2 Ballet classes & Tech class
Hip-Hop- A Hip-Hop class
(The ballet class level for each dancer will depend on the audition results)
(The Hip-Hop class level for each dancer will depend on the HIp-Hop instructor’s recommendation)
(The Contemporary class level for each dancer will depend on the Contemporary instructor’s recommendation)
(The Tap class level for each dancer will depend on the Tap instructor’s recommendation)

It is mandatory for all Prodigy Piece members to be in the recital dance for their required ballet, contemporary,  and hip-hop class! However, if you are in multiple ballet classes you may choose which ballet class to perform with.

All Prodigy Company members (with the exception of Ballet only & Hip-Hop only members), will be offered the flat rate tuition for unlimited classes, excluding the Prodigy classes.  There will be a $20 prodigy fee per prodigy piece added to your tuition each month on top of the flat rate tuition, Hip-Hop prodigy will be $30/month.

Mini/Petite- $200 flat rate tuition w/o prodigy fees attached
Junior/Teen- $350 flat rate tuition w/o prodigy fees attached


Each Prodigy Piece will compete in 4 competitions a year, and all four competitions are mandatory. If you are unable to attend a competition for any reason other than illness or injury,  you will be dismissed from the Prodigy Company all together.  Competition members are responsible for any and all fees involved in competition (all competition fees are due to the office by August 25, 2018). The cost is $50/dancer per Prodigy Piece per contest. For example:

If you are in 2 Prodigy Pieces then you would owe $400 for competition fees

$50/ Prodigy Piece #1 X 4 competitions = $200
$50/ Prodigy Piece #2 X 4 competitions = $20
Total- $400

All parents will be required to help with any and all transportation when traveling to performances.  Any overnight lodging will be at the Prodigy Piece  member’s expense.  

Royalty Dance Academy will not cover a student’s participation fee no matter what the circumstances are or even with the promise that you will be in on Monday to pay them. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! This also applies to all soloist, duets, and trios.

Competition Requirements:

For each and every Prodigy Piece  performance, all tights, hairstyles and make-up (purchased through Royalty) will be exactly the same and precisely coordinated to ensure there are no point deductions.  Specific guidelines will be given to each member based on the dance being performed. All Prodigy members will need to purchase a team jacket through Royalty  and the team bag is optional, pricing for these items will come at a later date.  If a Prodigy Piece member forgets any part of their costume they will not perform that Prodigy Piece at that contest,  period! What the director says goes and if a Prodigy Piece member chooses to disobey then they will be dismissed from that contest and not allowed to compete.

During the awards ceremony, Prodigy Piece  members will sit on the stage together as a group with their team jackets on and parents will sit in the audience. This is a chance for the Prodigy Piece  members to bond!  No boyfriends are allowed to hang out around the dancers at contest.  If your boyfriend comes he is to not be seen or heard. If you are seen around your boyfriend he will be asked to leave. This is not a time for boys but a time for you to focus and be with your team!  Prodigy Piece members must remain at competition until their Prodigy Piece awards ceremony is over unless you are given permission by the Prodigy Director.


Every performance and competition is mandatory!  We will publish the competition dates no later than September to allow you time to put the dates on your calendar.   They will compete at 4 mandatory  stage contests a year and one National stage contest. Each Prodigy Piece will perform their dance in the recital and it is a mandatory performance!  In late January or early February 2018 we will have our “Show-off” performance event  and all Prodigy Competition Pieces will perform at this event.   If you miss any Prodigy performances for any reason other than illness or injury (competition, show offs, recital or any other special performance) then you are not allowed to join a sign-up team or try out for the Prodigy Competition Company  the following year.  

Any member of the Prodigy Piece  may be excluded from participating in any performance if the dancer has not achieved the performance level of the other dancers on their Prodigy Piece. Performance level will include memorization of dance, technical abilities, attitude and showmanship!

All solo/duet/trios will be decided by the judges at the  auditions held on May 19, 2018.

Each Prodigy Piece member will be required to purchase a costume for each Prodigy Piece that they are in.  Prodigy Piece costumes can range in price from approx. $75-$150 per costume and will be selected by the director of their Prodigy Piece.  All Prodigy Piece costume fees will be due to the front office by September 22, 2018.   If no costume can be found we will have the costumes custom made.  All money for costumes is non-refundable and late fees will apply.

Class Attire
Each Prodigy Piece  member is required to wear tight fitting dance wear of any color or style (leotard, bra top, booty shorts or leggings)  but no loose clothing, sweatshirts, ill fitting clothing and no street clothes. Hair will need to be pulled back out of the dancer’s face and no half up/half down hairstyles. You are required to wear the appropriate shoes for that class and NO SOCKS!  Ballet Prodigy Pieces will need to wear a black leotard , ballet shoes and pink tights with their hair in a bun.  

Summer Camps
If you make a Prodigy piece you will be required to attend one Summer Intensive and the Ballet Intensive. If you make an Elite Prodigy Piece you are required to attend two Summer Intensives and the Ballet Intensive. If you only make a Ballet Prodigy Piece, then you are only required to attend the Ballet Intensive.  If you are unable to attend Choreography Camp and/or the required Summer Intensives/Ballet Intensives then you are not allowed to be in any of the Prodigy Competition Pieces and no exceptions will be made.  Summer camps and technique classes are very important and help ensure that the dancer’s technique and skills are maintained during the long summer break!

Absence policy
It is very important that every Prodigy Piece  member is present and willing to work at each weekly Prodigy Piece  practice in order to keep up with what is being taught and polished!  Out of courtesy, please call the studio and notify the Prodigy Piece  director when you are going to be absent.

These absences include your Prodigy Piece class or classes and your required classes for that particular Prodigy Piece.

Absences allowed with no excuse in weekly classes:
3  per dance season (August-May)

Absences allowed with an excuse in weekly classes:
3  per dance season (August-May)

Acceptable Excuses:
Mandatory school functions
Sickness (phone call to the front desk or letter required from parent as close to absence as possible).
If a student is not feeling well and is not running a fever please allow them to come to class to observe the practice so they won’t be so lost upon their return.

*Other mandatory dance events associated with Royalty Dance Academy or another dance academy that is approved by the Director and staff will not count against you.

PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THESE EXCEPTIONS! They are given to you because we understand that we all have lives outside of competition dance and that things happen. But ultimately, if your attendance is affecting the quality of your dancing and/or the Prodigy Piece, then we must dismiss you and ask you come back to audition for an Elite Prodigy Piece  when you are ready to commit.


#1 Rule! This is proper dance etiquette! If you are late to class, you do not enter the room while the music is playing .
You wait until the music ends,  the teacher will invite you to join the class and then enter quickly and join the class without disrupting.
If you are more than 10 minutes late, more than 3 times a semester, the issue will be address by your Prodigy Piece  director and could be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Sitting Out in Class:
If you sit out in class more than 3 times without a doctor’s note or written note from your dance teacher it will count against you as one unexcused absence. Your doctor’s note must state your injury and exactly how long you will be sitting out.

Leaving Class Early:
If you leave class early more than 3 times it will count against you as an unexcused absence.  If you leave for more than a ⅓  of your class time  then that is considered leaving early. (example: If you take a 30 minute class and leave when there is still 10 minutes left, that will count against you as leaving early.)

Once you have surpassed your 6 excused and unexcused absences in your Prodigy Piece class you will be dismissed from the Prodigy Piece  for lack of commitment and dedication.  There will be no make-up of absences, period. Such decisions will be at the discretion of the Prodigy Piece Director and that will be FINAL!  It is very important that every member of the Prodigy Piece is present during practice or it will affect the performance of the Prodigy Piece  as a whole.  

We enforce a strict absence, tardiness, and leaving early policy to ensure that the Prodigy Piece  is not affected by other Prodigy Piece  members who are slacking off and that every member is benefiting fully from class time!

After Recital the absence policy no longer applies!

Loyalty to Royalty

Please make sure that you are willing to give 100% and be fully committed to being in an Elite Prodigy Piece before you sign the contract.  You have to make dance and your Prodigy Competition Piece one of your top priorities in order for you to get the full benefit and not hold the rest of your Prodigy Piece members back.   You must be loyal to Royalty Dance Academy in every aspect, at the studio and outside of the studio. You are not allowed to attend any other studios summer camps, weekly classes, or specialty classes unless given permission by your Prodigy Piece director. If caught doing so you will be immediately dismissed from the team.

All communication for Elite Prodigy Piece  will be done by email so make sure to check your email on a daily basis to ensure that you are getting the information that is being sent out.  “I didn’t read that email” excuse will not be acceptable and only make things harder for you and your daughter to keep up with and be informed.   

Dance Conventions & Royalty Master Classes
All Prodigy Competition members will be required to attend The Celebrity dance convention November 10-12, 2018 and one RDA Master class during the dance season.

Quitting Team
If your dancer chooses to quit the Elite Prodigy Piece  for whatever reason  there  will be no money reimbursed. Once your dancer quits she will not be allowed to return to the Elite Prodigy Piece or try-out at future Elite Prodigy Piece  auditions. Her only option for a competition team will be the dance team.

Prodigy Piece Cost Breakdown:                                                                                                         Amount                                                        Due
Summer Camps: Mini/Petite Prodigy- 1 Summer Intensive & 1 Ballet Intensive                   $450                                        At the time of sign up
Jr/Teen Prodigy- 1 Summer Intensive & 1 Ballet Intensive                                                        $500                                        At the time of sign up
Jr/Teen Elite Prodigy- 2 Summer Intensive & 1 Ballet Intensive                                               $650                                         At the time of sign up

Choreography Camp:  (Cost will depend on the Choreographer’s fee& the number of dancers in that piece)                        Aug. 16, 2018

Team Jacket:                                                                                                                                         TBD                                                           TBD
Team Bag (optional) :                                                                                                                          TBD                                                            TBD
Costumes:                                                                                                                             $75-150/Prodigy Piece                                Sept. 22, 2018
Competition Fees:                                                                                               $50/dancer per Piece X 4 Competitions                  Aug. 25, 2018