Act I:

Scene 1:

“Down the rabbit hole”

Characters: Dinah, Snowball, Young Alice, White Rabbit, Sister 

(While daydreaming during her etiquette lesson, Alice chases the white rabbit becoming large and small down the rabbit hole to a land of curious adventure)


Scene 2:

“Caucus race” 

Characters: Mouse, Dodo, Laurie, Eaglet, Duck, Young Alice

(After swimming around in Alice’s pool of tears, the animals need to dry off, and the Dodo recommends a Caucus Race.  There are no rules, all of the participants run haphazardly around in no particular direction, and everyone wins!  The only catch is who has the prize?)


Scene 3:

“Advice from caterpillar”

Characters: Caterpillar, Young Alice

(Alice meets the Caterpillar in search for the White Rabbit.)


Scene 4:

“Pig and Pepper “

Characters: Young Alice, Cheshire Cat, Duchess, Cook, Frog Footman, Fish Footman 

(Alice sees a Fish Footman lively approach a house and knock on the door.  A similarly dressed Frog answers the door, and receives a letter inviting the Duchess to play croquet with the Queen.  Alice creeps into the house and finds herself in the middle of chaotic proportions.  Fearing for the Duchess’s baby, she tries to save him from the situation and finds herself in an even more curious predicament.)


Scene 5:

“Tea party”

Characters: Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Young Alice, White Rabbit

(Alice stumbles herself into the unruly world of the Mad Hatter and her friends: The March Hare and The Dormouse. Alice’s attempts for answers in regards to finding the White Rabbit, still remain a mystery.)


Scene 6:


Characters: Young Alice, Executioner, Cards, Queen of Hearts, Knave, King, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Flamingos, Hedge Hog

(The Queen of Hearts’ curious croquet match full of: cards, flamingos, and even a poor hedgehog for sport, all make up life in this unique wonderland!)


Scene 7: 

“Lobster Quadrille”

Characters: Young Alice, Lobster, Gryphon, Mockturtle, Manx, Cheshire Cat, Pelican, White Rabbit

(“The Lobster-Quadrille” is a dance where all of the sea animals partner up with the lobsters, advance from the seashore and throw the lobsters out to sea.  The Mock Turtle and Gryphon decide to demonstrate the first figure of the Lobster-Quadrille for Alice.)


Scene 8:

“Who stole the tarts?” 

Characters: Entire cast from Act I

(The Queen of Hearts is trying to figure out who stole her tarts?)

* INTERMISSION- 20 minutes *


Act II:



Characters: Young Alice, Dinah & Snowball


Scene 1: 

“Chess Match”

Characters: All cast

(Alice awakens to find herself in a live chess match!) 


Scene 2: 

“Time Tango”

Characters: Time, Red Queen, Hour, Minute

(Time is a villain and a thief.  There is a lot to celebrate for Time and the Red Queen.)


Scene 3: 

“Through the Looking Glass”

Characters: Alice, Caterpillar, Hatter, Cheshire Cat

(Alice reunites with a familiar face, The Caterpillar, in search of her crown.  After the caterpillar takes her new form, she guides Alice through the looking glass to follow Time and the Red Queen.)


Scene 4: 

“Garden of Flowers”

Characters: Flowers, Fawn, Young Red Queen, Young White Queen 

(Exploring a persnickety garden, Alice cautiously watches 2 young queens in the middle of a match!)


Scene 5: 

“Hatter’s Tea Party”

Characters: Time, Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Hour, Minute, Alice

(Time and his ticks don’t seem to have the same sense of humor with satirical fun as The Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse do!)


Scene 6:


Characters: Gardner, Bread and Butter Fly, Garden Flute Fly, Rocking Horse Fly, Snap Dragon Fly, Cheshire Cat, Alice, 

(Curious insects whiz and whirl around Alice while she is trying to follow Times path. Even though the Gardner is lovely, she doesn’t give Alice a direction.)


Scene 7: 


Characters: Tweedle Dee, Tweedle dumb, Alice, Young Red Queen, Young White Queen

(Daily life includes a daily duel for these Tweedles, not something everyone can relate to.)


Scene 8: 

“Wool & Water”

Characters:  White Queen, Alice, Time, Minute, Hour, Sheep

(Everyone is on their own mission in life, and it’s in the crosshairs that we connect.  Sometimes we find clarity, but sometimes we end up more lost than before, even if others may try to provide aid.)


Scene 9:

“Humpty Dumpty”

Characters: Humpty Dumpty, Alice, Red Queen, Time, Hour, Minute, Hatter, Caterpillar

(She still may be scarce on direction, but Alice does meet a fun charmer they call  “Humpty Dumpty”, even if it’s a bit short lived.)


Scene 10: 


(Alice wakes up looking at a different version of herself, both find themselves wondering if any of this wonderly land is real, or a dream, or are we all just a little mad?)



(alphabetical by character)


Alice- Liddy Brewer

Alice (young)- Kenzie Jacoby

Bread and Butter Fly- Claire Fieldsmith

Cheshire Cat- Genevieve Young

Cards- Annemarie Zerangue, Emma Duckworth, Liddy Brewer, Josie Driver, Natalie Seabourn, Gianna Driver, Alexa Hunter

Caterpillar- Alyx Stewart

Cook- Mallory Prewitt

Dinah (Cat)- Jessa Driver

Dodo- Liddy Brewer

Dormouse- Alexa Hunter

Duchess- Bella McLemore

Duck- Natalie Seabourn

Eaglet- Gianna Driver

Executioner- Elizabeth Hunsinger

Fawn- Annemarie Zerangue

Fish Footman- Jessa Driver

Flamingos- Claire Fieldsmith, Hannah Fisher, Mallory Prewitt, Julie Lovell, Lily Condor, Madison Rask, Joana Aleksandrova


Tiger Lily-  Kenzie Jacoby

Violet- Alyx Stewart

Larkspur-  Mallory Prewitt

Yellow Daisy- Elizabeth Hunsinger

Red Rose- Kairi Riddle

Bluebonnet-  Charlotte Fieldsmith

Frog Footman- Madison Rask

Gardner- Annemarie Zerangue

Garden Flute Fly- Joana Aleksandrova

Gryphon- Emma Duckworth

Hatter- Sophie Hemker

Hedgehog- Lennox Van Syckle

Hour-  Kenleigh Casarez

Humpty Dumpty- Jamie Driver

King- Joel Cortez

Knave- Joey Fisher

Laurie- Julie Lovell

Lobster- Lily Condor

Mad Hatter- Hannah Fisher

Manx- Mallory Prewitt

March Hare- Josie Driver

Minute- Hannah Fisher

Mockturtle- Sophie Hemker

Mouse- Genevieve Young

Pelican- Charlotte Fieldsmith

Queen of Hearts- Kairi Riddle

Red Queen- Emma Duckworth

Red Queen (young)- Natalie Seabourn

Rocking Horse Fly- Gianna Driver

Sheep- Jessa Driver, Kiera Pfeiffer, Josie Driver, Alexa Hunter, Madison Rask 

Sister- Jamie Driver

Snap Dragonfly- Lily Condor

Snowball (Cat)- Claire Fieldsmith

Time- Joey Fisher

Tweedle Dee- Ava Graves

Tweedle Dum- Emma Duckworth

White Queen- Charlotte Fieldsmith

White Queen (young)- Julie Lovell

White Rabbit- Keira Pfeiffer


Behind the Scenes:


Artistic Director– Lea Zablocki

Producer- Amy Connolly

Choreographers- Lea Zablocki, Lauren Van Syckle, Susanna Wesson, Shelby Fox, Avery Cleavinger, Kristen Tett, Jamie Driver

Costumes- Lea Zablocki, Amy Connolly, Pamela Driver, Karen Mathers, Robin Truett, Lauren Van Syckle

Props- Nicole Condor, Lauren Van Syckle, Amy Lovell, Robin Truett, Lea Zablocki

Lights- Tim Connolly

Sound- Amy Connolly

Ticket Sales- Julia McGavock & Kathy Johns

Curtains/backdrops- Andrew Zerangue

Special thank you– JC Driver, John Stevens