Royalty Dance Academy

is honored to have the opportunity to offer dance classes for special needs students, “Sug’s Showstoppers” and the classes are FREE!
Sug’s Showstoppers is named after Amy’s Uncle, Sug! Sug had Downs Syndrome and lived to be 59 years old, and had a HUGE impact on Amy’s life in so many ways! Sug and Amy’s favorite thing to do together was to put on Elvis music and dance! Because of Sug, special needs kids have always held a very special place in Amy’s heart!
It has been a long time dream of Amy’s to offer dance classes for special needs students at her studio, and this was the year that God opened many doors for it to happen!


Sug’s Showstoppers is

the perfect way for Amy to honor Sug’s legacy and all the wonderful memories they made together, DANCING!!


Call our studio during Office Hours  for more information!