October 3, 2020

Natalie is 10 years old and in her 3rd year at Royalty Dance Academy!  After a job transition for her father, we moved to the Rockwall area with the priority of finding a dance studio.  Royalty was the FIRST and ONLY studio we visited after a personal recommendation from our new neighbor.  Natalie had found her dance FAMILY after participating in the annual Ballet Production of The Greatest Showman!  She has made deep friendships with other dancers in the studio while attending her weekly classes and a new burning fire to dance has been lit within her. All Natalie wants to do is dance!  She is encouraged by her teachers to try new styles of dance as well as challenged to master new techniques regularly.  Participating in Prodigy and attending local competitions has made her self-confidence soar!!  Natalie has grown tremendously as a dancer, physically very strong and healthy, and matured as a young lady in her character, integrity, and self-discipline while at Royalty Dance Academy.  Most importantly, Natalie is dearly LOVED every day she goes to Royalty by her teachers and fellow dancers.