October 3, 2020

My daughter is enrolled in her 12th year at Royalty Dance Academy.  She started in the ballet/ tap combination class when she was 3 years old.  At Royalty, she fell in love all styles of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, and hip hop) and performing on stage. 

At Royalty, every instructor strives to not only provide exceptional instruction, but to also give the students the confidence to achieve their goals.  This is especially important for students, like my daughter, who are apprehensive to express themselves and perform in front of others.  My daughter went from being a wall flower who stayed in the back of the class, to competing and placing in the top 25 for her age group at YAGP regionals.  She also performed jazz and contemporary group and solo dances in competitions (2 dance styles which used to intimidate her).

Royalty Dance Academy provides a variety of performance opportunities for students throughout the year. These opportunities range from competing in recognized dance competitions to performing in the annual ballet production, recital, and festivals.  I believe that this is a differentiating factor since many students love to perform but may not like to dance competitively.