October 3, 2020

Hello, we are John and Deanna Stevens, the proud parents of Addyson and Alexis. Our girls are 13 years old and have been dancing since they were 3. The girls just started their 8th year of dancing at Royalty Dance Academy. The girls love to do all types of dance and they have been able to explore their love for the sport with this studio. They have grown each and every year to a new level and it has been amazing to watch. Addy and Lexi have the best teachers at Royalty Dance Academy that really love them and care about their progress as a dancer and care about their well-being. Each of the teachers are very qualified and they are the reason why our girls have grown over the years to their level of dance that they are at now. All of the teacher collectively make up a fierce group that offer a wide variety of teaching styles and learning environments for the dancers. Addy and Lexi have grown in confidence over the years because of all the teachers they have been taught by and now they love to be pushed outside of their comfort zone which makes them better dancers every day. My girls love their studio and all of their team mates and look forward to not only the dancing but all the fun times they have at competition and conventions, as well as Recital and fun activities that are planned throughout the year. Mrs. Amy the studio owner truly cares and loves each of her dancers and it shows with all that she does for the girls and boys every year. Amy is very proud and makes sure each dancer knows it, which makes them all feel special. We also have a great front desk that is organized and wonderful, we love Tink and are grateful to her and all that she does to keep it running! We are proud to be a part of Royalty Dance Academy and are excited to see what this year brings.