2022 Ballet Variations Showoffs

Sunday, Jan. 23 @ 12:30pm


The Garland Granville Arts Center

Admission is FREE!

Come watch our gorgeous Ballerinas take the stage!


Show Order:

  1. Genevieve Young- “Queen of the Dryads”
  2. Josie Driver- “Woodland Glade Fairy”
  3. Natalie Seabourn- “Coppelia Act I”
  4. Kenzie Jacoby & Julie Lovell Duet- “Embers”
  5. Mallory Prewitt- “Paquita”
  6. Charlotte Fieldsmith- “Black Swan”
  7. Liddy Brewer- “Kitri Entrance”
  8. Bella McLemore- “Nikiya”
  9. Annemarie  Zerangue- “La Bayadere Shade”
  10.  Genevieve Young- “Wants You”
  11. Josie Driver- “Giselle”
  12.  Natalie Seabourn- “Remember”
  13.  Julie Lovell- “La Bayadere Shade”
  14.  Kenzie Jacoby- “Cupid”