2022 Show Offs Show order

Show order:

7:15pm- Queen Hip-Hop Prodigy- “”Let’s Go”- Chancellor: Keira Pfeiffer

7:18pm- Jentry Applewhite Solo- “Rock Star”

7:21pm- Pearl Novelty Prodigy- “Princess Class 101”

7:24pm- Claire Fieldsmith’s Solo- “Claim your Weapons”

7:27pm- Addy & Lexi Stevens Duet- “Here right now”

7:30pm- Emerald Jazz Prodigy- “Boom”- Chancellor: Kinleigh Johns

7:33pm- Hailey Torgerson Solo- “Hold On”

7:36pm- Duchess Contemporary Prodigy- “Moon and Back”- Chancellor: Alexa Hunter

7:39pm- Lennox Van Syckle Solo- “Mermaid Party”

7:42pm- Diamond Jazz Prodigy- “Coming in Hot”- Chancellor: Kairi Riddle

7:45pm- Hadley Wren Solo- “I’m a Lady”

7:48pm- Bella McLemore & Sophie Hemker Duet- “Youth”

7:51pm- Charlotte Fieldsmith Solo- “Strut”

7:54pm- Princess Hip-Hop- “Request”

7:57pm- Kinleigh Johns Solo- “Broken Warrior”

8:00pm- Natalie Seabourn Solo- “How do you like me now”

8:03pm- Queen Contemporary- “Recovery”- Chancellor: Emma Duckworth

8:06pm- Sophia Torgerson Solo- “Confident”

8:09pm- Joey Fisher Solo- “Undefeated”

8:12pm- Sapphire Jazz Prodigy- “Candy Shop”- Chancellor: Jentry Applewhite

8:15pm- Jamie Driver Solo- “Born Ready”

8:18pm- Dance Team Jazz- “Hit the Road Jack”

8:21pm- Queen Ballet Prodigy- “What you got”- Chancellor: Josie Driver

8:24pm- Campbell Woods Solo- “Shake the Room”

8:27pm- Alexa Hunter Solo- “J’Adore Paris”

8:30pm- Ruby Jazz Prodigy- “Smooth Criminal”

8:33pm- Emma Duckworth Solo- “Falling Apart” 

8:36pm- Liddy Brewer Solo- “I got that”

8:39pm- Kairi Riddle & Alyx Stewart Duet- “Whose side?”

8:42pm- Princess Contemporary Prodigy- “A Storm is Coming”- Chancellor: Natalie Seabourn

8:45pm- Josie Driver Solo- “Revolutionary”

8:48pm- Addy Stevens Solo- “Run Boy Run”

8:51pm- Sophie Hemker Solo- “Ending”

8:54pm- Alexa Hunter & Lauren Paul Duet- “Dream”

8:57pm- Genevieve Young Solo- “Wants You”

9:00pm- Queen Novelty Prodigy- “Shrek”- Chancellor: Liddy Brewer

9:03pm- Alexis Stevens Solo- “Your number one”

9:06pm- Kinleigh Johns & Sophia Torgerson Duet- “Save your Soul”

9:09pm- Josie Driver & Natalie Seabourn Duet- “My Arms”

9:12pm- Keira Pfeiffer Solo- “Glam”

9:15pm- Kairi Riddle Solo- “Fear of letting go”

9:18pm- Alyx Stewart Solo- “Seven Devils”

9:21pm-  Bella McLemore Solo- “Break the Silence”

9:24pm- Jayne Killough Solo- “A Little Party”

9:27pm- Dance Team Novelty- “Best Summer Ever”

9:30pm- Queen Acro Prodigy- “Requiem for a Dream”- Chancellor: Alyx Stewart

9:33- End of show!


Prodigy Instructors:


Prodigy Director: Amy Connolly

Pearls: Shelby Fox

Sapphires: Lauren Van Syckle

Rubies: Brooke Adcock

Emeralds: Brooke Adcock

Diamonds: Avery Cleavinger


Duchess Contemporary- Shelby Fox

Princess Contemporary- Avery Cleavinger

Queen Contemporary- Brooke Adcock

Princess Hip-Hop- Brooke Adcock

Queen Hip-Hop- Avery Cleavinger

Queen Ballet- Shelby Fox

Queen Acro- Lauren Van Syckle

Queen Novelty- Shelby Fox


Dance Team Director: Lauren Van Syckle