This is Ava’s fifth year dancing at Royalty. Her talent has grown exponentially under the instruction of Ms. Amy and the other incredible instructors at the studio. The dancers are fortunate to have accomplished instructors who have established relationships with other highly acclaimed choreographers in the industry allowing the students to be exposed to endless opportunities for personal growth as well as future career possibilities. Royalty Dance Academy is the premier dance studio in Rockwall County.  — Tanya Hays, mom of Ava Hays





Chloe started at Royalty as a pre-schooler. I remember clearly walking into the studio at the RISE and how welcoming Amy was. In those early class days, Chloe loved leaping over Amy’s frog and playing games. She was not the best dancer then, and I wondered if she would ever be able to progress. For several years, Chloe only danced once a week and it soon began to be her favorite activity. By the third grade, she wanted to be a part of the “elite” dance teams. I knew she wasn’t ready for that, and believe it or not, she didn’t like ballet! Ballet was a requirement to be on the elite teams. So she worked extremely hard during fourth grade and added a ballet class, weekly privates, and an extra technique class. That spring the work paid off and she earned a spot on the Glamour Girls. It was during her time with Amy on the Glamour Girls that we started to see her blossom. Each year, we would add more to her dance schedule, but ballet still wasn’t her favorite day. She cried every day because the pre-pointe shoes hurt so badly! Then came Ms. Gabe and we discovered a better shoe with gel pads! We owe all of her love to Amy and her Royalty staff. There have been many ups and downs, but we believe that this teaches a good work ethic and commitment. Her dream is to continue ballet professionally, and we think Royalty Dance Academy can help get her there! Looking forward to four more years at Royalty.
— Melissa Holliman, mom of Chloe Holliman


We discovered Royalty 5 years ago after moving to Rockwall and Tatum has been going everyday ever since! The strong emphasis on technique and the nurturing environment has allowed Tatum to grow into a beautiful young dancer. Royalty has also helped her discover her talent and true passion of dance by offering many different class types and great workshops. The Ballet program is wonderful, and the girls get the opportunity to perform in a yearly ballet performance put on solely by Royalty. It is truly a family affair, as everyone helps with props and costumes. The girls really get to learn from the ground up what goes into putting on a performance. Tatum has made lifelong friends and memories here at Royalty, and it is truly her home away from home. Thank you Mrs. Amy!
— Ana Wolf, mom of Tatum Wolf




“I wish I could go here everyday.” These are the words I hear from my daughter when I pick her up from dance. The teachers are awesome and they keep Madi so interested and motivated. She is so excited after her classes that she comes home and immediately starts practicing and showing me what she has learned. Not only the instructors but the owner and other dance students are so loving and helpful … they are all like family to us. We are Royalty Dance Fans for life!”
— Brittney Feldt, mom of Madi Feldt




We love Royalty Dance Academy! We brought our daughter, Avery, here 12 years ago as a kindergartener. They offered many classes in different dance styles, and at multiple skill levels. Royalty made us quickly realize that technique was the foundational instruction in all classes, and not just learning a recital dance. This studio began her passion for dance and has only made it grow stronger. Along with improving technique, Royalty has given Avery the opportunity to grow into a beautiful aspiring artist. Royalty Dance Academy has become her second home, making lifelong friends and memories. We recommend this studio to any student at any skill level, who is looking for a studio to call home.
— Kerry Cleavinger, mom of Avery Cleavinger 


My daughter, Zoey, has been dancing at Royalty Dance Academy for four years. She has participated in the Ballet Royale productions for three years and been a member of the Prodigy Team for two years. Her favorite thing is to be dancing on stage performing. Everyone at Royalty is warm and friendly to the dancers, as well as the parents. Each teacher has an extensive dance background of teaching and performing. At Royalty strong technique is the foundation of all the classes offered. There is a place for every child at Royalty, regardless of age or skill level. As a parent, I love that Royalty is very organized and communicates to parents. There are never any “hidden fees” or surprise bills, all information is clear and given out up-front each year. I highly recommend Royalty Dance Academy, we look forward to dancing at Royalty for many years to come! — Holly Curtis, mom of Zoey Curtis



When my 2 1/2 year old asked us to take dance lessons, we looked around to find a dance academy with qualified instructors, who would teach her the proper way to dance, yet allow her to have fun so that she would continue to love to dance. We found that here at Royalty Dance Academy. The instructors are wonderful, caring, and patient teachers, who are interested in the dancers themselves, as well as their full potential. The instructors encourage the dancers to learn from other choreographers to grow even more in their style and technique. They often bring the workshops to our studio! This year my daughter begins her 12th year of dance at Royalty. She would rather be here than anywhere else on earth.
— Donna Maggio, mom of Jillian Maggio


Royalty Dance Academy has been our dance home for eight years. Peyton loves coming to dance everyday and getting to learn technique and leadership from some of the best instructors in the metroplex. Peyton’s goal is to be a Rockette some day and I feel Royalty Dance Academy is going to pave the way! — Melodee Collier, mom of Peyton Collier








My name is Deanna Stevens and our daughters are Addyson and Alexis Stevens, they are 10 years old and have been dancing since they were three. This year will be our fifth year that we have been dancing with Royalty Dance Academy. Addy and Lexi have learned so much from the amazing teachers within the Royalty family and they are getting the skills they need to become the best dancer they can be. They absolutely enjoy everything about their experience at Royalty, but the part for me that I love the most if the strength and sisterhood that comes with all the dancers. The dancers all love each other and support one another and it is just a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of. The talent that is Royalty with all their long time dancers is unreal… Mrs. Amy and all the teachers at Royalty Dance Academy have done and are doing such a great job with the girls, they all care so much about the girls and their success as dancers. The front office is amazing, we couldn’t do it without Mrs. Darlene. It is a great organization to be involved with and I am happy that we are a part of the Royalty family.
— Deanna Stevens, mom of Addyson and Alexis


My daughter Madison started with Royalty 4 years ago and it was the best choice I could have made! From the very first day Madison was in awe of her instructors and her fellow dancers. The level of talent at Royalty is something that cannot be matched! The instructors are so kind and take so much care in teaching these girls the best technique while helping them to form bonds that will last a lifetime! The Prodigy team is not only the best way to grow your skills but is like a family for the girls and parents. Last year was Madison’s first year on the Prodigy team and thanks to the training provided by the staff she was able to win 1st overall on her solo at Nationals! I don’t know where we would be without Royalty and the amazing studio that Amy has built! My youngest daughter Natalie is starting on her 2nd year at Royalty and her 1st year on the Prodigy team and we are so excited to watch her grow as much as Madison has! — Ashley Long, mom of Madison




It’s been wonderful watching our daughter evolve from a tiny dancer just trying to remember steps, to a confident young lady really expressing herself. This is the result of the great teaching by the Royalty instructors. We are proud to say we’ve been a part of the Royalty family for 4 years! 
— Jennifer Saunders, mom of Caroline