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Classes Begin August 7, 2017

Special Class Dress-Up Weeks

Halloween Costume Week – October 23-27

Christmas Party Week – December 11-15

Bring a friend weeks: Sept. 18-22 & Oct. 23-27


The main event is Royalty Dance Academy’s end of the year recital.  It is a chance for dancers to perform all that they have learned on stage in front of their family and friends. The date, time, and place for the main event will be emailed to you in September.  Your recital fee, costume fee, and tights fee cover all expenses for your child to be able to participate in the Main Event! Your account must have a 0 dollar balance in order to participate in the recital!  It is definitely an event to look forward to!

Splits Club

Those students who are in a Tech/Jazz class and have worked hard to achieve their right, left, or center splits will receive a special recognition crown pin in honor of their hard work and accomplishments!

Special Awards

Those students who have been committed to taking at Royalty Dance Academy will receive the following recognition at the end of the year recital:
1yr Medal • 2yr Trophy • 4yr Crown • 7yr Banner & Trophy • 10yr A solo in the Show 2 Recital, Scepter & Custom Queen Robe
If it is your 4yr, 7yr or 10 year you must have been registered for classes by Oct. 1 for it to count as a full year and you must be participating in recital for you to receive your special award!


  • If you miss 4 or more classes straight in a row between January and the recital, then you will automatically be taken out of the recital dance. This decision is up to the teacher of that class and no refunds will be given.
  • There are no make-up classes if you are absent for any reason.

Studio/Classroom Rules

  • No shoes, make-up, hairspray, food, drink (including water), gum, or dance bags are allowed in the studio dance rooms!
  • All street shoes must be taken off before entering the dance room and cannot be put back on until you have exited the dance room due to our special flooring! Hip-Hop classes are the only ones allowed to wear street shoes but they cannot have a black sole.
  • All studio dance doors must remain closed during class and may not be opened for any reason.
  • All dancers need to go to the bathroom before class to keep from interrupting class!
  • No one is allowed in the Staff Room unless given permission by a staff member!
  • All parent’s questions or comments need to be directed through the front office!
  • If your dancer needs to leave early, please notify someone at the front office and they will go and get your dancer out of class.  Do not get the dancer out of class yourself because it interrupts the teacher and the students!
  • No performing recital routines outside of the studio for any reason, until the recital is over.  This includes talent shows, pageants, contests, etc, unless given permission by the instructor!
  • No running!
  • Dance bags and any food or drinks must be placed in the cubbies outside of the dance rooms!
  • Water breaks may only be taken when given permission by the teacher!
  • Respect will be shown to the teacher and fellow class members at all times!
  • Stereo equipment is not allowed to be touched except by the teacher or assistant!
  • Bathroom breaks are given by permission only and only one student in the bathroom at a time!
  • NO leaning on the mirrors or hanging on the ballet barres for any reason!
  • NO sitting down during class unless instructed to!
  • NO cell phones, IPods, or IPads are permitted to be in the dance room.


  • All payments can be made by : check, debit card, credit card, automatic billing or through a bank draft. Royalty Dance does not accept cash.
  • All checks need to be made out in blue or black ink to: Royalty Dance Academy
  • Royalty Dance Academy will not accept pre or post-dated checks through the drop box or office. You will be called to rewrite your check with the correct date if necessary. No exceptions.
  • Royalty Dance Academy will automatically charge your account a $25.00 service fee the day the payment is considered late.  (Tuition, costume fee, recital fee, etc.)  Tuition payments must be in by the 5th of every month.
  • No boutique purchases or payments for tuition, recital fee, or costume fees will be accepted after hours. All after hour tuition, recital fee, or costume payments will need to be placed in the drop box located to the right of the front door.
  • Automatic Bill Credit Cards will be charged a $25.00 late fee if your payment does not go through and if the credit card info is not updated by the 5th of the month. It is your responsibility to update your card with the front office if the card expires or is declined, etc.
  • Students will NOT be permitted into class after the 10th of the month if your tuition has not been paid.
  • All returned checks will have a $30.00 service charge added to them and all future payments will have to be made with a money order, debit card or credit card. Your child will not be allowed to return to class until your returned check is paid for.
  • Recital Fees are non-refundable.
  • If you decide you do not wish to do recital after you have purchased your costume ONLY the Royalty Staff may sell the costumes to another student. No parent to parent sales will be allowed.
  • All those signed up for automatic bill must fill out the “Repeat Signature Authorization Form for Automatic Payment” in order for you to be officially registered for automatic bill. Royalty Dance will only auto bill you for your monthly tuition.

                                                                           DUE                      LATE FEE APPLIES AFTER 
Recital fee        $80.00                                   Oct. 6th              Oct. 13th
Costumes         $60.00-$100.00/each         Nov. 10th           Nov. 17

Tights for costume    (will be purchased through the Ruffles and Rhinestones boutique starting in March: $15-$25)

Extra Fees (Optional)

Professional Photographs in Recital Costume- TBD
Professional Video of Recital – $25.00+    

  • Recital and Costume fees not paid by the due date will have a $25 late fee applied.
  • All regular tuition payments are for the current month only and tuition cannot be placed on hold for a future month.
  • All costume payments must be received by December 15th or your costume will not be ordered and you will not be able to participate in recital.  There will be no late costume orders done in January.
  • For new students, tuition is prorated after the second week of the month only.
  • If you purchase a costume and do not attend class after we return from the Christmas break, then Royalty Dance Academy automatically has the right to sell your costume to another student and reimburse you for your costume, but not recital fee.
  • All recital participants are required to pay the May tuition before the day of the recital show or else your dancer will not be permitted to dance on stage whether you plan on attending classes in May or not.
  • All account balances have to be paid up in full to be able to participate in the recital.

Late Fee Schedule

  • We will waive your 1st late fee! After that all late fee charges will apply!
  • All monthly dance tuition is due the 1st of every month!
  • All monthly tuition payments made after the 5th of every month will have a $25.00 late fee automatically charged to your account!
  • If you have not paid your tuition by the 10th day of the month then your dancer is not allowed to attend class until your account has been paid in full (including the late fees)!

Make-up Classes

  • If the studio is closed for bad weather there will be one big make-up class at the end of May!
  • If you are absent from class for whatever reason there are no make-up classes!  The only exception to this is if we are one month away from the recital and the instructor gives you permission to attend another class to make up for the class you missed due to knowing the recital dance!
  • If the studio has to close due to personal reasons then a make-up class will be scheduled for a later date.

Dropping A Class/Classes

  • If for some reason you decide to drop your child’s dance class, please note that you must complete & deliver a drop form to the front office 30 days prior to your next tuition payment to avoid responsibility for the following month‘s tuition. You are responsible to pay for the “last” month of tuition that will cover the final thirty days.  Dropping in the middle of a month will NOT be prorated or refunded.
  • You must fill out a drop form and return it to the studio to stop tuition charges to your account and for your drop to be completed.  If this form is not filled out and you are set up for the automatic bill payment then we will continue to charge your account and there will be no refunds given.
  • If you fail to fill out a drop form then you will not be allowed to register again until your account has been paid in full!
  • If you do not attend class for 2 months in a row and you have not filled out a drop form then Royalty Dance Academy will automatically drop you and no refunds will be given.

Tuition Discount

If you choose to pay by check or money order for your entire tuition year up front by September 8, 2017 to receive the 10% discount and through the year you quit, drop a class or you are injured there will be no refunds or credits given.
This 10% discount is not available to Prodigy members who are on the flat rate unlimited plan.

Dates the Studio will be closed

Labor Day- Monday Sept. 4
Rockwall Fair Day- Wednesday Oct.. 4
Thanksgiving- Nov. 20-24
Christmas- Dec. 18 – Jan. 3
Spring Break- March 12-16
Last Day of Classes- May 25